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Translation Agency of Manitoba delivers the following 4 types of translation


Regular certified

Regular certified translation is the most popular and affordable type of translation. Accepted by Immigration, Refugees and Immigration Canada (IRCC), most provincial and federal institutions, schools and colleges, Ministry of Transportation/MPI (driver's licence), insurance companies, employers, etc.

More than 50 languages available.


Certified by ATIO

ATIO - The Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (translations valid across Canada).

This type of translation is only required by courts and a few official institutions in order to change the name after marriage, apply for a Canadian passport, to obtain a certificate/licence (AINP, OINP, NDEB, PEO, CPA, PEBC, OMVIC, CPSO, OCT, NNAS etc).

ATIO translations are available for:



This type of translation is only required by some foreign official institutions, such as consulates (Mexican, Cuban, Russian, Spanish, etc.). It takes 2-4 days longer to process this type of orders. Notarized translation may also need authentication in Ottawa.

More than 50 languages available.


Not certified

Most business translations do not require any certifications at all. Certification doesn't actually reflect the quality of translation, it just means more paperwork. For a translation without certification, the client receives a file with the translation by email.

More than 50 languages available.

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